Friday, January 18, 2019

Weekly Plans for January 21-25, 2019

This week will be devoted to the continuing discussions of To Kill a Mockingbird.  The students should be reading each night to complete the book by the end of the month. The reading schedule clearly shows which chapters should be read each night for the discussion in class the following day. Due to Martin Luther King Day, there will be no Vocabulary unit for the week. The vocabulary will continue the following week.

Monday: MLK day. (No Classes)

Tuesday: Our class discussions on TKAM will continue with chapters 7 and 8

Wednesday: TKAM discussion covering where we left off and chapters 9, 10 and 11

Thursday: TKAM discussion continuing with chapters 12, 13  and 14.

Friday: TKAM discussion continuing with chapters 15 , 16, 17 and 18.

The chapters for daily discussions are flexible, and we may not get to all the scheduled chapters on the prescribed day. Basically, we will continue wherever the class left off on the previous day.
It is imperative that the students continue to read the chapters, regardless of what we discuss in the scheduled class. As mentioned before, ALL STUDENTS should be finished with the reading of the novel by the end of the month. THIS IS KEY. We will continue with the class discussions until ALL chapters have been completed.

The date of the test is tentatively scheduled for Friday, February 8th.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Weekly Plans for January 14 - 18, 2019

This week will  be devoted to Vocabulary Unit # 11 (pages 124 -130) the finishing of reading the poems and the beginning of discussing the chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird. 

Monday: Vocabulary Unit # 11 (pages 124 -130) The first 10 minutes of class will be to work on the unit. This will be completed for homework. The remaining students who did not read their poems on the previous Friday, will finish theirs'. Discussion and comments will follow each presenter. The remaining time of the class will be the beginning of discussion on Chapters 1 - 3 of TKAM.

Tuesday: Go over the vocabulary homework (pages 124 - 130). Continuation of discussions of the chapters of TKAM. Students should maintain the reading schedule of the novel. We will go over the chapters each class period for the next few weeks until the book is completed. The test date will be determined at a later date, once the chapter by chapter discussions are completed. (blocks 3, 4 and 5 )

Wednesday. Same as above for block 7. Block 3 will continue discussions where we left off in the previous class . If we are caught up, students will read their books at their seats. Review the Vocabulary words for Friday's quiz.

Thursday: Review the Vocabulary words for Friday's quiz. With the remaining time, we will continue with the chapter by chapter discussions of TKAM.

Friday: Vocabulary Quiz # 11...any remaining time students will read at their seats.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Weekly Plans for January 7 - 11, 2019

This first week back from "winter break" will include a special schedule for Monday, because we will be having "interest groups" connected to the "one read" book A Long Walk to Water.   The rest of the week will a regular schedule, including the handing out of To Kill A Mockingbird...or next novel. In addition to the novel, students will view a brief film and have a writing assignment connected to the film.. More information will be disseminated to the students regarding the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

Monday: Special schedule on the "one read". Students will rotate to different study groups to work on the novel, A Long Walk to Water.   There will be some sort of writing assessment connected to the reading of the story.  Depending on the rest of the day, students will receive copies of To Kill a Mockingbird  and a study guide.

Tuesday: A copy of TKAM and its study guide will be given to all students who had not received them. Also, students will view a short film. A writing assignment will follow.

Wednesday: Students will work on their writing assignment from the viewing of the film. Everything that students will need to do will be discussed and clarified in classroom discussions.

Thursday: Continue with the Introduction to TKAM. A brief, video will be shown to illustrate the period of time which TKAM takes place. This will give students a perspective of what was happening during the novel's setting and historic period of time.

Friday: The poems from the brief film viewed in class earlier in the week, will be read, in class. We will discuss the many individual interpretations and perceptions of their views on what theythought the film was about.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Weekly Plans for December 17 - 21, 2018

This week will be devoted to the review and studying for the two (2) midterms. On Monday, students will take the Vocabulary portion of their midterm. It will be the 100 words they were tested on this first half of the year. They have, already, been given the format for the test and should have been preparing for this test for the past two weeks. On Friday, December 21st, the Grammar portion will be administered. They have, also, been given the format for this test, as well.

Monday: The Vocabulary midterm will be administered to all my classes during class time. They will have fifty (50) minutes to take the test. If they have prepared themselves, they should, actually, finish early and have the time to check their answers.

Tuesday-Thursday: These class periods will review and have Q and A opportunities to reinforce what they already know, or, to clear up any issues they may have had before the actual test on Friday, December 21st. There will be many opportunities to have open discussions on any type of question which may be on the test. I have encouraged all students to bring in any sentences  they would like to present to the class in order to "dissect"  them for all the different parts of speech, as well as, other pertinent information which will be addressed on the test. We will have contests and other competitive classes, which always promote a more concentrated learning and comprehension of the material.

Friday: **The grammar portion of the midterm will be administered. The students will have 70 minutes to complete the test. This day is a half-day. Students will be dismissed around 11:50 -12:00.

** I will have a "tutorial" on Friday morning at 7:30 for those students who would like a last-minute review on anything they might be having problems with.

The grades will be posted on Net Classroom on Sunday, December, 23rd.

                         Have a wonderful holiday and a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Weekly Plans for December 10 -14, 2018

This week is devoted to review for the Vocabulary Midterm (Friday, Dec.14) and review for the grammar portion of the midterm (Friday, Dec. 21).

Monday- Friday: All classes for the entire week (except Friday) will consist of various lessons on Vocabulary and Grammar. The purpose of these lessons is to make sure ALL STUDENTS are academically and psychologically prepared to take the Vocabulary Midterm on Friday, December 14th and the Grammar Midterm on Friday, December 21st.
 The daily lessons will vary from competition "games" , handouts, and open forums, including questions and answers to help the students understand any mistakes they might have had in the past, and to clear up any concerns they have regarding Vocabulary or grammar for the actual midterms.


EACH TEST WILL BE WEIGHTED AS TWO (2) TEST GRADES. For example...if a child receives a 95 on the vocabulary midterm and an 85 on the grammar midterm, the "net classroom" will reflect the following grades: 95,95,85,85. Therefore, each score will be posted twice as a test grade. 

Friday:  The Vocabulary portion of the midterm will be administered. Students are responsible to know the 100 words we had this past semester and their definitions. 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Weekly Plans for December 3 - 7, 2018

This week will be devoted to the 8 parts of Speech test on Monday Vocabulary # 10 (pages 117-123) The quiz will be given on Friday, Dec 7th. This is the last weekly vocabulary unit. The Vocabulary midterm is scheduled for the following Friday, December 14th (a week before the Grammar midterm). The rest of the week will be concentrated on the review of the Vocabulary and Grammar midterms. The Grammar midterm will be given on the half day, Friday, December 21st.

Monday: The 8 parts of speech test will be given. For homework, Vocabulary Unit 10 (pages 117-123) is due on the next class day.

 Tuesday: Go over the vocabulary homework (Unit # 10). Review for the Grammar portion of the midterm (Friday, December 21st).  All students received a study guide/packet last Friday,  which listed the specific things they will be responsible to know for the midterm. We will review each point on the study guide to clarify any questions and concerns the students may have. We will also go over the adjective phrase and the adverb phrase, the direct and indirect object. This will continue throughout the next two weeks, with the emphasis on making sure ALL STUDENTS are "on the same page" with regards to knowing what will be on the test.

Wednesday: Same as Tuesday for the respective blocks.Review for the Vocabulary quiz on Friday.

Thursday: Same as above for the respective blocks. Review for the vocabulary quiz # 10 on Friday.

Friday: Vocabulary # 10 quiz (last one for the half year). The midterm for the vocabulary Units 1-10 will be given on Friday, December 14th in class time.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Weekly Plans for November 26 - 30, 2018

This week will be devoted to Vocabulary Unit # 9 (pages 98 1- 104), and the continuation of the 8 parts of speech with the culmination of a major test on it. The test will be Monday, December 3rd.

Monday: For the first 10 minutes, students will work on their Vocabulary Unit # 9 (pages 98-104). The rest of the class will be devoted to review and practice of the 8 parts of speech for the major test on Monday, December 3rd. The homework is to complete the vocabulary for the next scheduled class period.

Tuesday: (Blocks 3, 4 and 5) Go over the vocabulary homework. Have the students go up to the board and identify the 8 parts of speech from selected sentences and passages.

Wednesday: ( Block 7) Same as above. For block 3, students will begin competition for review of the vocabulary unit quiz #9 and the competition of 8 parts of speech for Monday's test.

Thursday: ( Blocks 4, 5 and 7 ) Review for the vocabulary quiz #9 and begin the competition for the review on Monday's test on the 8 parts of speech.

Friday:  Vocabulary quiz # 9